BP Mets Unfiltered: This is the Moment

We will go ahead and update this as soon as we get the official highlight video, but the impossible dream was realized in the second inning of tonight’s Mets-Padres game. I think I’d better let Gary explain. (Courtesy of Ben Diamond.)

Bartolo Colon, at the age of 43, hit a home run despite usually taking cuts where his helmet falls off.  Here’s a slow-mo video of him carrying his bat with him–ostensibly because he’s a boss–courtesy of Kenny Ducey:

There are few moments in baseball that are just pure joy. I’m not sure anyone (shy of James Shields) isn’t ecstatic about this event. A 43-year-old man took a pitch yard, despite every appearance that this particular event would never happen. He’s an overweight pitcher who spent most of his career in the American League. I love baseball, and I love this team.

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