For All You Kids Out There, Episode 133: “But man, I still think them cats are crazy”

In Episode 133 of For All You Kids Out There, there is actually some crumbs of offseason Mets news which we use to fill (checks watch) three hours of podcasting time. In the first half of the show we look at BVW’s first week on the job, take a deep dive into what the Mets can do from an analytic standpoint, discuss the front office, coaching, and 40-man shake up, and wonder if there is a roster spot for Peter Alonso. In the second half of the show we target spots on the roster for the Mets offseason, but mostly just try to convince them to sign Manny Machado. In the third half of the show, we answer your correspondence and talk about UFC 230, PRIDE never die, and Crown Jewel.



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