Game recap August 10: Wheelin’ and Dealin’

When the Mets traded Carlos Beltran and his expiring contract to San Francisco in July 2011, they envisioned the Single-A pitcher they brought back in return, Zack Wheeler, becoming a staple in their starting five and a dominating force in their rotation for years to come. It has taken roughly seven years, but the Mets’ […]

MLB: Cincinnati Reds at New York Mets

Game recap August 7: Jason Vargas leaves early, a love story

Primer It’s a Jason Vargas start. Don’t think much more really needs to be said. At least the greatest second baseman of all time – Jeff McNeil – is still in the lineup. Game Recap Mercifully, Jason Vargas wasn’t in the game for long. After recording only one out and giving up three hits, an almost […]

MLB: Cincinnati Reds at New York Mets

Game recap August 6: I love Jeff McNeil and you should too

The New York Mets are a very interesting team to support. One day, you are furious – steaming mad – that Mickey Callaway is batting Jose Reyes over Jeff McNeil and Luis Guillorme. And then after a few losses, you’re saying, “well, I see some glimpses of hope here.” And that is exactly what last […]


The Invention of Lying

When someone lies to you, it’s because they don’t respect you enough to be honest or that they think you’re too stupid enough to realize they’re lying in the first place. That’s exactly how the New York Mets are treating their fan base. Throughout the course of this season, this organization has being spreading misinformation or, as […]

MLB: Cincinnati Reds at Washington Nationals

Stat Preview: Cincinnati Reds, August 6-8

The Cincinnati Reds have no hope of a playoff appearance, and have not since about two weeks into the season, but ever since Jim Riggleman took the managerial reins away from Bryan Price, the Reds have been respectable, playing right around .500 baseball. The play has many Reds fans hoping a return to contention will […]

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