Jacob deGrom, by the numbers

After much gnashing of teeth and wringing of hands, it wasn’t even close. Jacob deGrom ran away with the Cy Young Award, notching 29 of 30 first place votes (thanks, San Diego) in Wednesday night’s election. It was really just a formality since early September when his competitors began to fade down the stretch while […]


David Wright’s last triumph

The 2015 postseason run will forever stand out as one of the most surreal and thrilling periods of my Mets fandom. In what was supposed to be yet another in a long string of mediocre seasons, a sudden surge beginning in July catapulted the team into a magical three month stretch. It’s only in retrospect, […]


The case for Dom Smith

To say Dom Smith’s debut was underwhelming would be a pretty serious understatement. To say his sophomore season has been a disappointment would be too. It’s no surprise that the organization is looking towards Peter Alonso and that even Jay Bruce has leap-frogged Smith as a probable starting first baseman for next year, especially considering […]

MLB: New York Mets at New York Yankees

Conforto’s Revenge

While Michael Conforto’s early April debut was seen as a triumph after a devastating shoulder injury ended his stellar 2017 season, a complete power outage soon left doubts that he was – or maybe ever would be – fully recovered. But his midseason turnaround has been so compelling that, even in a short sample, it’s […]