MLB: New York Mets at Toronto Blue Jays

BP Mets Roundtable

During Game 2 of Monday’s doubleheader, your friendly BP Mets staff (Kate Feldman, Jeffrey Paternostro, Alex Rosen, Lukas Vlahos and Justin Mears) sat down to discuss the rest of 2018, both what it should look like and what it probably does look like. ******** Kate: Let’s start with the comments the other day about how […]


Staff post: Killing time

The Mets aren’t fun anymore. To be fair, they haven’t been fun since Game 13, but it’s June 18 and they’ve become virtually unwatchable. And the worst part is that none of it is going to change. No one is coming to save the Mets. So we have to save ourselves. We may not know […]


Staff Post: Replacing Jose Reyes

As of end of business Monday, Jose Reyes is hitting .153/.219/.220. He has one home run, one double and two stolen bases. His wRC+ has skyrocketed to 25, which barely seemed possible a week ago, while he’s boasting a lovely -0.4 WARP. Yet Mickey Callaway and the Mets keep playing him, including starting him several times […]

MLB: New York Mets at Miami Marlins

Staff Post: Small Sample Size Theater

Whatever else happens this season, we’ll always have the 11-1 record. Best start in baseball. An accomplishment the Yankees have never unlocked. Who cares if no team in the last 30 seasons has won a playoff series after starting 11-1 or better? That’s not a fun fact, it’s a wet blanket fact. What’s fun is […]

Alternate Reality

Staff Post: Mets Alternate Realities

The 2017 Mets were set in the darkest timeline. No Mets squad won fewer than last year’s 70 since the first year of the otherwise-forgettable Art Howe era in 2003. The only player who didn’t get hurt was a prodigal son who returned to the team but felt little remorse for his faults. The manager […]

MLB: New York Mets at Seattle Mariners

Staff Post: Bold predictions for 2018

It’s easy to be pessimistic about the Mets, especially after years of disappointment. But we’ve decided to start the season off with some old-fashioned, foolish hope. So, here are the BP Mets staff’s bold predictions for 2018: Michael Conforto will return as good as new Michael Conforto’s career trajectory has been a headache-inducing rollercoaster, alternating […]

MLB: New York Yankees at New York Mets

Who We Think the Mets Should Trade

Life comes at you pretty fast. In one short month, the Mets have gone from Sandy Alderson proclaiming “A lot of the story [is] to be written,” to a resigned general manager sighing, “I think we have to be realistic about where we are” and “I don’t want to whitewash this. We haven’t played very well.” Most […]