MLB: Houston Astros at Tampa Bay Rays

Stat preview: Tampa Bay Rays, July 6-8

If you have been paying attention to national coverage of baseball throughout the season, you have probably heard about the Rays’ “bullpenning” and how it is breaking the sport. While “baseball purists” have been complaining about the teams’ strategies, the product on the field has actually been pretty average. With an even .500 record and […]

MLB: New York Mets at Washington Nationals

Matt Harvey was a true Met

Baseball is hard. I know that without taking ground balls on the Citi Field dirt. I know that without even picking up a bat. I know that because so few people are stupid enough to try it and even fewer people are stupid enough to keep trying it. Making it to the majors isn’t easy. Matt […]

MLB: Philadelphia Phillies at New York Mets

What if Matt Harvey is good again?

Call me Charlie Brown and give me back my football. What if this version of Matt Harvey, reboot No. 12358, is good? What if he’s reinvented himself, once again, away from a power pitcher and away from a finesse pitcher and into just a guy who gets outs. What if that’s enough? No one knew what […]

The Five Aces

The Five Aces

Promise is a funny thing. Not promises — those aren’t real — but promise. Hope. Optimism. It’s a funny thing. It whispers of love and happiness and success. Of clear skies and security and beauty. It’s a tease. But in my experience, promise, more often than not, leads to heartbreak. Spring is supposed to feel […]

MLB: New York Yankees at New York Mets

BP Mets Unfiltered: The long con

There’s something about trust and hope and faith and optimism, or maybe there’s something about me, that makes it so hard to find and so easy to lose. Yet for some reason, I keep believing the Mets. I believe them when they tell me they’re going for it, when they’re going to bring in power […]

MLB: New York Mets at Philadelphia Phillies

Game recap September 29: Only two more of these to go

Primer The Mets are bad. The Phillies are worse. Ben Lively is mediocre (bordering on bad). Matt Harvey is worse. Both teams are better served by losing. It’s late season baseball at the bottom of the standings, folks, so get excited. Game Recap In what is probably (hopefully) his last series in a Mets uniform, […]