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Game recap May 19: The walkoff

 The Good

The Mets won. These days, that’s cause for celebration in and of itself. Better yet, they’ve won two in a row! For the first time in five weeks, the Mets have a winning streak. How they got there was unlikely at first — a Devin Mesoraco two-run homer that tied the game at 4 in the eighth off Archie Bradley — and then predictable at last — a Brandon Nimmo leadoff double in the ninth, an Asdrubal Cabrera bunt hit (okay, maybe not super predictable) and a Wilmer Flores walkoff, his second this year and eighth in his career.

The Bad

Something is rotten in the state of Long Island. Steven Matz, once again, failed to prove to Mickey Callaway or anyone else watching that he’s capable of taking the ball every five days as a viable starting pitcher. Paul Goldschmidt was eventually going to turn it around, but the two-run homer to No. 8 hitter John Ryan Murphy was less luck and more proof that the Mets should have gotten some better starters in the offseason. Except…they didn’t.

The Ugly

I know you’re sick of me ranting about Jose Reyes. I’m sick of ranting about Jose Reyes. But as long as Jose Reyes is on this team, I’m going to rant. There’s the .132/.179/.189 slashline, which I genuinely thought was a typo. There’s the 3 OPS+. 3! The 2 WRC+. The inability to make plays any more complicated than a ground ball aimed directly at his glove. There is no reason for Jose Reyes to be on the Mets. Luis Guillorme can do his job better than he can. Phil Evans and Ty Kelly and Gavin Cecchini can do his job better than he can. You and I can probably do his job better than he can.

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