For All You Kids Out There, Episode 117: “Literally Wade LeBlanc”

In Episode 117 of For All You Kids Out There, the only news worth talking about is a Wade LeBlanc contract extension so talk about it we shall with David Roth of Deadspin. We do also chat about Jenrry Mejia’s return from suspension, famous Hampshire College graduates, and David’s encounters with semi-famous Law & Order recurring characters in airports. You know the usual. We are not done with Wade LeBlanc chat, oh no. In the second half of the show we bring on Meg Rowley to delve further into all things Wade, consider the current state of the Mariners, and apparently help Meg make her SaberSeminar travel plans. Then in the third half of the show we answer you correspondence and talk about all the recent pro wrestling and MMA news. As we do.

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