For All You Kids Out There, Episode 74: “But I’m free from the chain gang now”

In Episode 74 of For All You Kids Out There we put our second season of Mets podcasting in the books, and this one was…not as fun. Both on-field, which we cover by going over all 52 players on the 2017 Mets, but also off-field as you may now be aware if you have been even vaguely paying attention. So we talk about the end of the Terry Collins era, future Mets managerial candidates, and the schism between ownership, front office, and the field staff. The Mets didn’t have the worst week in the NL East though, and we also discuss the Atlanta front office scandal that unfolded in large part while we were actually recording.

In the second half of the show we are joined by David Roth of Deadspin to discuss Jonathan Franzen novels (sort of), Todd Frazier local car dealership ads (obviously), and the Im/Ex Bank (yes, really).

In the third half of the show we answer your correspondence as briefly as possible, but not as briefly as Jarrett hoped.

Photo Credit: Andy Marlin- USA Today Sports


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