For All You Kids Out There, Episode 89: “Baseball Ops cover letter”

In Episode 89 of For All You Kids Out There, Jeffrey and Jarrett kick off the show with some media criticism, even though we always say we hate doing media criticism. Ken Rosenthal has some thoughts on #MetsTwitter and we have some thoughts on that. The Mets are trying to sign free agents…allegedly, and that somehow ends us with us debating the best right-handed hitter of our lifetimes (don’t worry, it won’t be someone the Mets are gonna sign). In the second half of the show, we discuss Jarrett’s on #brand scoresheet league team and the Blue Jays and Indians prospect lists. In the third half of the show we answer your correspondence and talk Wrestle Kingsom 12 with BP South Side EIC, Collin Whitechurch.

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