MLB: Colorado Rockies at New York Mets

Game recap July 16: Sunday Mets


The answer is not the Mets


Mets this season, on Sunday: 5-10 with a -51 run differential

Mets this season, overall: 41-48 with a -40 run differential


For real, let’s do it. Let’s stop pretending that a sweep of the Rockies would’ve been enough to keep them in the race. Let’s stop pretending that this iteration of the New York Mets has even a remotely outside shot at the playoffs. Let’s stop ignoring that the Mets have a remarkable number of players on the brink of free agency. Let’s start making moves towards 2018.

With the most recent Washington Nationals’ trade to acquire Sean Doolittle and Ryan Madson, you’d have to think a potential trade partner has disappeared for the Mets’ own relievers. The Yankees just made a trade for a minor league first baseman with the Milwaukee Brewers. This is a prime example of why the Mets do not need to sit around and hold onto the glimmer of hope that says this is a playoff team. Teams are ready to move. Strong trade partners that make sense won’t be waiting. This is the window to get things done. Don’t wait until the Marlins move an outfielder, or for another team to part-out their bullpen for prospects. This is a buyers’ market; get ahead of the curve or be left behind.

It’d be foolish of me to assume that Sandy Alderson hasn’t been shopping players around. I’m not naïve to think the main issue is that they just haven’t found a suitable return yet. But this is the Mets, and that causes the thought to linger in the back of my mind — are they actually ready to move anybody? The worry that they are holding onto a high price for Lucas Duda, Curtis Granderson, Jay Bruce, Asdrubal Cabrera, Addison Reed, or even Jerry Blevins because they don’t want to fully admit this season is over is something I cannot shake.

If the Mets are not careful, they will blow a perfect and ideal chance at a quick retooling. This is a roster that can compete in 2018, if healthy, and to not go out and make moves to build that team would be the worst possible scenario. No matter how many losses the Mets end up with this season, if they botch this rebuild opportunity it would be vastly dampen their outlook. No pressure, or anything.


The Mets start a four-game series against the St. Louis Cardinals amidst their 10-game homestand. Adam Wainwright will oppose Zack Wheeler, as the latter looks to get his second-half started right.

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Yeah, don’t expect quick action from Sandy. As I commented previously in the linked article, he’ll claim that there was no equal value offered versus keeping Cabrera, Walker and Granderson for meaningless August games.

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