MLB: New York Mets at Atlanta Braves

Game Recap June 23: The New Normal

Some baseball games are greater than the sum of their parts. When I saw the Cleveland Indians play the Tampa Bay Rays on Tuesday, this was not the case. The city of Cleveland, still ecstatic over the Cavaliers’ NBA Finals victory, cheered loudly and often, but the game never seemed within reach of the Rays. […]

MLB: Pittsburgh Pirates at New York Mets

Game Recap June 16: The Other Game Six

You might have heard that Thursday night had a game six between two upper echelon teams. You know, the sport with the ball, the one where you try and outscore your opponent? Yeah, that one. Only, the one you’re thinking of doesn’t have a man christened Big Sexy doing things that one with that name […]

MLB: Game two-New York Mets at Pittsburgh Pirates

Game Recap June 9: Started With a Bang, Ended With a Whimper

With the third-lowest scoring offense in the majors, the Mets’ five-run performance on Thursday night in Milwaukee seemed much more explosive than its 1.29 runs above their season average would suggest. Coupled with an outing by Bartolo Colon that can be best described as Bartolian in both stat line and surprisingly agile playmaking, the team appears […]

MLB: New York Mets at Los Angeles Dodgers

Game recap May 12: Bartolo does not hit a home run (and the Mets barely hit at all)

Thursday is the off day for a lot of teams, but May 12 still offered two intriguing pitching matchups in the National League. The Arizona Diamondbacks trotted out Zack Greinke versus the San Francisco Giants’ Johnny Cueto. But the marquee matchup contained the man widely regarded as one of the best, if not always the […]

MLB: New York Mets at San Diego Padres

Game Recap May 7: Bartolo Colon Home Run Day (or, No, Your Eyes Did Not Deceive You)

Where were you when Bartolo Colon hit a home run? What were you doing when Big Sexy hit a shot bigger and sexier than even his 101 exit velo foul ball or batting practice home run could have predicted? How does it feel knowing that nothing can replicate the feeling of witnessing that which was […]