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Free baseball: What the Mets do after a free base

HBP and ROE stats are through July 28, situational batting stats through July 29. During the Mets’ nearly unbeatable start to the season, I wrote about how the team’s pitching staff contributed, in part, by ensuring opposing runners who reached base rarely scored. Since then, the pitching has split between generally successful starts (a 3.74 […]


Stranded: The (Early) 2018 New York Mets

Statistics accurate through Monday, April 9 games. Setting: Nationals Park, April 5. It’s the bottom of the sixth inning, and the visiting New York Mets are leading 4-2 over the Washington Nationals. The Mets, owners of a 4-1 record, have earned cautious optimism, but the specter of things going just wrong enough still looms. Cast: Jacob […]

MLB: Philadelphia Phillies at New York Mets

Game Recap September 22: This Team Really Wants the Playoffs

One of the prevailing memes of the latter portion of this 2016 MLB season has been that nobody seems to want to win the National League Wild Card spots. The New York Mets, who we counted out of the playoffs in a staff post less than a month ago, clawed their way back into contention […]

MLB: Miami Marlins at New York Mets

Game recap September 1: The Christian Yelich Show

Some team sports are more dependent on individual performances than others. Baseball, pitchers aside, is much more of a holistic endeavor than, say, watching LeBron James carry a “Who’s Who? No, Really, Who?” lineup to deep playoff runs in multiple seasons. But on certain nights, all roads lead through one player’s singular performance. For the […]

MLB: New York Mets at St. Louis Cardinals

Game recap August 25: Got the Wild Card teams right where they want them?

Sometimes baseball is hard to write about. This needn’t be because the game was uneventful – sometimes there’s just no clear thread linking the innings together, linking the plate appearances to one another with some sort of purpose. You’d think that in a game with 15 runs and one team continually breathing down the necks of […]

MLB: Arizona Diamondbacks at New York Mets

Game Recap August 11: Which Team Was 47-66, Again?

“I’m not…going 7-9, or 8-8, or 9-7…or 10-6, for that matter!” So prophesied Los Angeles Rams head coach Jeff Fisher during an episode of HBO’s Hard Knocks. Mediocre records rarely make the playoffs; this is virtually tautological: if you have fewer wins, you won’t advance to the postseason. Currently, New York Mets fans can empathize […]


Game Recap August 4: Of RISP and Reward

The Subway Series began with the New York Yankees sellers at the trade deadline and the New York Mets buyers, despite their records just two games apart. The Yankees took two of the first three games despite scoring one fewer run over this span thanks to Mets pitching giving out on the team when they […]