Granderson socks 1

Putting a Sock in Baseball Makeovers

Every year for Christmas, my dad buys his mother a pair of socks. It’s a tradition borne out of a family for whom money was tight and socks and underwear were the Christmas presents; it is an acknowledgment of the fact that sons (or at least my grandma’s sons) are terrible shoppers, and could never […]

MLB: New York Mets at Washington Nationals

Five Mets Games Worse than What Just Happened

It was just your average Sunday here in Brooklyn: me half grading papers, half watching the Mets lose to the Nationals, when suddenly, it all changed—the Mets were really losing to the Nationals. (All right all right, to be fair, that’s a mischaracterization of the weekend, given the Mets had somehow managed to win the […]


New York’s Best Real-Life Fantasy Options

When I was a kid, a unique combination of dread and excitement overtook my house each year in early March, culminating in a strange and wonderful night: my dad’s fantasy baseball draft. The lead up involved my dad spending weekend hours on the phone strategizing with his younger brother (and co-manager), which I’m sure annoyed […]


The 2017 Non-Roster Invitee Rundown!

Through all that is cold and grey and dim, it’s nice to remember that spring training is just around the corner and the Mets have already decided on their non-roster invitees. Apparently satiated with all those Tebow jersey sales, they decided to cool it on the money-grabs, instead inviting 15 young players who show, you know, […]

MLB: Texas Rangers at Kansas City Royals

Just Another Lady Thinkpiece

Oops, I did it again—I offended the delicate sensibilities of man-baseball fandom with talk of those pesky domestic abuse allegations and … morals. My qualms about alleged domestic violence claims against Jose Reyes and Jeurys Familia have been declared, amongst other gems, “just another lady thinkpiece” (#thanksforthetitle). Now, dear reader, this is nothing new; I’ve […]