MLB: NLDS-New York Mets at Los Angeles Dodgers

New York Mets Opening Day 2017: On losing hope, and then gaining it back

Despair is comforting. There’s an ease, a simplicity, a beauty in never expecting much. You can’t be disappointed if you never expected anything in the first place. It’s hard to not expect anything. We innately want. Food. Air. To have someone to say good morning and good night to and to text when you’re sad or […]

MLB: NLCS-New York Mets at Chicago Cubs

The Fine Line Between Hope and More

It felt positively fitting that the Mets’ 81st game of the season happened to coincide with Sunday’s complete drubbing of Chicago, that the midway mark of this back-and-forth 2016 campaign was capped off by a week-long stretch that witnessed a truly dreadful three-game sweep by the Nats segue neatly into that four-game sweep of the […]