MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at Los Angeles Angels

Murphy’s Law (And Other Great Baseball Superstitions)

Today is a big day for baseball. As of this writing—it’s Tuesday morning—the Blue Jays are about to take on the dreaded Cleveland bullpen once more in an effort to stay alive; meanwhile, National League teams will duke it out for a lead at Dodger Stadium tonight. I for one will be rooting for Chicago. […]

MLB: NLCS-New York Mets at Chicago Cubs

The Top Five Best “Deep” Draft Picks In Mets History

Some of the most entertaining prospects are the ones least expected to succeed. It’s obviously fun to see consensus top picks like Darryl Strawberry and David Wright bloom, but occasionally, those late draft picks are the ones who end up making a difference. Mike Piazza was famously a 62rd rounder by the Dodgers, for instance. […]