MLB: ALDS-Cleveland Indians at Boston Red Sox

A Met Fan Guide to Rooting: 2016 Playoffs

The dream is dead. The Mets could not beat Madison Bumgarner–or even score one run–so the 2016 season is over. As Jarrett Seidler wrote last week, there are plenty of positives to look back on, and fans should not be too discouraged. Nevertheless, the Mets’ absence in the playoffs now creates a void for those […]

MLB: New York Mets at San Diego Padres

Don’t Look Back In Anger

Sometimes, you just run into the wrong pitcher on the wrong day. Madison Bumgarner is probably the greatest pitcher in modern postseason history. He was very good in 2010, had his only two bad playoff appearances ever in 2012 backed up by a sensational World Series start, and turned into this millennium’s Old Hoss Radbourn […]

MLB: New York Mets Workout

Syndergaard vs. Bumgarner (and Other Great Mets Postseason Showdowns)

The baseball gods smiled upon Queens for the National League Wild Card matchup. It will be the Mets against the Giants at Citi Field with two of baseball’s most talented pitchers going head-to-head with their seasons on the line. It’s hard to conceive a better scenario for baseball than Noah Syndergaard against Madison Bumgarner. With baseball […]