MLB: Atlanta Braves at New York Mets

What You Need to Know: October 2

Monday Takeaway On Sept. 28, Marc Carig’s bombshell Newsday piece revealed that the Mets front office tried to fire manager Terry Collins “at various points during his tenure.” Drawing from over a dozen anonymous team insiders, the article alleged that owner Fred Wilpon prevented the front office from exploring different managerial options because he was […]

MLB: Washington Nationals at New York Mets

What You Need to Know: September 25

 Monday Takeaway Matt Harvey is moving farther and farther away from his former self. The struggling right-hander had a rough Monday night against the Marlins, allowing seven runs, twelve hits, and two walks over four innings. “You’re going to write what you’re going to write anyway,” he told reporters post-game. “And obviously, it’s deserved. So […]

MLB: New York Mets at Atlanta Braves

What You Need to Know: September 18

Monday Takeaway Another week goes by, and the New York Mets have played yet another series of unimportant games. They first traveled to Chicago for a three-game series, where they were outscored 39-14 by the lethal Cubs offense. “We certainly got them ready for the Cardinals,” mused Terry Collins. Next up was the Atlanta Braves, […]

MLB: Game One-New York Mets at Houston Astros

What You Need to Know: September 4

Monday Takeaway Rafael Montero is barely a below-average pitcher. On Wednesday, though, everything clicked perfectly into place, and the 26-year-old with a career 5.14 ERA pitched 8.1 masterful innings against the Reds. “I’ve regained the confidence that I had when I was in the minor leagues,” Montero said, and “I think that confidence is definitely […]

MLB: New York Mets at Washington Nationals

What You Need to Know: August 28

Monday Takeaway If it’s true that “the more, the merrier,” then the Mets’ DL is partying like it’s 1999. Posterior capsule tears, compressed ulnar nerves, torn ulnar nerves, stress fractures, oblique strains, and countless other maladies have decimated the Mets this season. Their pitching staff is in shambles – Zack Wheeler, Matt Harvey, and Steven […]

MLB: New York Mets at New York Yankees

What You Need to Know: August 21

Monday Takeaway The MLB draft system rewards teams that rack up losses, since the worst teams get their pick of the best available players. That’s one thing to look forward to in the Mets’ unfortunate season, as they’re currently languishing with a 54-68 record. The week began with a Subway Series in the Bronx. The […]

MLB: New York Mets at Colorado Rockies

What You Need To Know: August 7

Monday Takeaway Let’s say a Mets fan went off the grid this week for a tropical vacation. Today, this fan returns and breathlessly asks, “What did I miss?” The short answer would be, “Not much.” The Mets lost on brutal walk-offs in Denver, got steamrolled by the Dodgers, and Hansel Robles can’t feel his fingers. However, […]

MLB: Tampa Bay Rays at New York Yankees

What You Need To Know: July 31

Monday Takeaway Last Monday, Jacob deGrom continued a string of excellent pitching performances. The number of the game was “8,” as he pitched eight strong innings against the Padres, with eight strikeouts, for his eighth straight win. Try saying that three times fast. deGrom was also solid against the Mariners on Saturday, although he was […]